Sunday, June 1, 2014

RV decor, plus storage and organizing

I really love to look at the posts about "glamping" and ideas for renovating an old camp trailer into a "glamper." Pretty to look at, but not totally practical if you camp frequently, boondock, or full- time. In my opinion, frilly and cutesy is much too high-maintenance. I like easy clean, easy care, minimalistic style for camping, but don't worry! I still have some glam! Having upgraded to a new 5th wheel, I don't need to paint, or remodel, but I still want to make it uniquely my own. (Why does the RV industry only use dark, earthy colors in their schemes? And storage? fuhgetaboutit!)  I've incorporated some things to decorate (comfy, cozy) and some storage and organization ideas. Some ideas are original, and some I've seen on RV blogs, or Pinterest.

I made a couple of cute pennant banners, This one is strung along the large back window, and the other is above the head of the bed. I use blankets and throw pillows for the comfort factor. I also love pictures of family, so I have tons of pictures on the walls. I love the velcro type picture hangers for the trailer. They work great.  The little round lights you can see under the cabinets are a battery operated set we found at Sam's club. They have a remote, so it's really nice when there is no electric power available.
 I love cute sayings, owls and birdies! These are above the dinette. The bird is secured with a small screw into the window valance. Our new 5th wheel has a slide, where the dining table is, The trailer is only 2 feet longer than our old one, but the slide makes a world of difference! I put a storage ottoman in to use as a footrest and an extra seat. It opens, and is a great spot for shoes. Using the ottoman, I can seat 6 around the table. In the old RV we could barely squeeze in 4.

Some silk plants help warm up the space above the entertainment center. Since I could never reach the top of this shelf without a step stool, I opted not to store anything up here. But I like the plant.
I also used some dimensional wooden stickers- you can barely see them to the right of the cabinet, but I scattered them throughout the RV.

Storage can also be decorative! I use this basket above the microwave to store plastic containers. I also use the microwave to store a loaf of bread. It's easily removed when need the microwave, but putting it in the micro keeps it smash-free! The tin sign and flower magnets add a homey touch.
Storage in an RV bathroom is usually a challenge! The medicine cabinet is actually quite roomy compared to our old camper, but I love having what I need, or may need, in a compact space. These little bins make it easy to keep lots of variety in a small space. I use small or sample sizes, take them out of the boxes, and re-stock as needed. Bins also keep things from getting jumbled and tumbled while traveling.(I put a piece of bubble plastic in front of the drawers while traveling to keep them in place.) I try not to keep things in the camper that aren't needed. Having had an RV for several years, I've learned to minimize what I think we may use, and try to take what I know we will use. We may load and unload the RV differently each trip, but not having excess, makes keeping organized much easier. If we ever had to full-time in our RV, however, I would be in a world of hurt!!

A mesh shower organizer hung from the shower curtain rod, keeps shampoo, soap, razors, puffs, etc handy, and allows them to dry.     A shelf from Ikea, stained to match the wood, holds items on the counter. It just has a piece of drawer liner underneath it- so far, it has stayed in place- even on some really bumpy roads.
The storage under the banquette seats goes in really deep. I found a couple of wire baskets to hold items I use frequently. The basket pulls out easily, and I can easily get to paper plates, cups, and silverware when we have a crowd.
  I asked farm-boy to build pull out trays to fit the pantry. There was no way my shorty self could even see into the top 2 shelves of the pantry!  This way I not only can see, but also reach, those way, way, in the back items!

 I'm also too short for this cabinet over the sink. I use handle baskets, so I can pull them out to get to the goodies inside! A small shelf doubles the storage. Taller items, like a cutting board & cookie sheet are to the right, also in a basket!

These garden items make a great cutlery and sink tray. It fits into the sink when we travel, and lifts right out when we arrive! My spoons and spatulas are corralled, and I can easily access the soap, and scrubbies!
 In our old rv I had a magnetic knife rack mounted next to the stove- It worked really well, but this rv has cutouts for the knives behind the stove-top, so I haven't put up a magnetic strip.
 Small games, books, crayons, note and color books, dvd's, scissors, pens, pencils, cards, trail guides, plant and animal reference books,etc. are stored in  mini-drawers and bins under the entertainment center. A 3-ring binder holds the registration and the user manuals for everything in the RV.

These solar deck lights are the best little night lights ever. ( I got these at Shopko) I can charge them during the day, and put them all over at night. They have a button underneath to turn them off, so they make a great bedside lamp. I also keep one in the bathroom for those night time visits. They work great next to the door, if you're coming back to the campsite after dark, or as a flashlight, or put one on the table so you can see to assemble your s'mores! We also have a few stake type solar lights we put outside so we aren't stumbling around at night. Saves a ton on batteries! They stay bright pretty much all night (if you charge them good) I've decided to keep one in my suitcase, for those trips that don't involve the trailer! We have sure loved this new RV. I'm continually coming up with new ideas to organize and just simplify- after all camping should be relaxing, right?!

We recently took the RV's and went to Zions and Bryce canyons. The kids, and grand kids came also. Ophelia is 9 months and into speed-crawling! She gets into things she shouldn't in a blink of an eye! We used the blow up pool idea as a playpen outside. She loved it. We threw in a blanket and some toys, and miss O. She was happy, and so was mom, because there was no escaping off the blanket and eating of rocks, and dirt, and twigs.... Alesia used a laundry basket for Ryder as a bed in their RV. There wasn't room near the bed for a pack and play, but the basket fit perfectly! Both babies did really well!

Both Ophelia and Ryder loved hiking! Ryder was just 1 month old, he pretty much snuggled into the carrier and slept the whole time, Ophelia waved a stick, or a piece of grass, and her pretty blue eyes and sunny smile had strangers snapping pictures of her! It was such a good time. I can't wait for for next family trip- any destination ideas?


Joyce said...

Hi Vikki,
Great ideas for the RV. Where did you find the little storage bin set for your medicine cabinet? Also, where do you put your glasses, dishes, coffee mugs, etc?

Vikki said...

Sorry, Joyce, I've neglected my blog for quite awhile! I can't remember where I got the bins, most likely Hobby Lobby or Michael's. The brand is called "really useful box" maybe you could find on amazon? I keep my dishes,glasses etc in the small cupboard that is above the entertainment center.(the picture with the silk plants)I have a small basket that will hold a handful of plastic utensils, and paper plates up there too, and refill as needed. I originally kept them in the cupboards above the dinette, but it was hard to get to them when people were sitting at the table.I keep the extra paper/plastic plates, silverware and cups (bulk size) in the wire bins under the dinette.