Friday, July 17, 2009

Garden Bounty

Wow, the garden is popping up all over! All that rain in May and June made things grow like gangbusters! Here is a picture of the garden with the boxes and the trellis. Look how tall the corn is already! and get a load of the squash plant! (if you find spaghetti squash on your doorstep- it wasn't from me!)
Farm boy has completed the porch and roof on the porch side of the house, He will finish the rest next spring (what a huge job.) I love the new porch. I think it makes the house look great, like it has always been there! I was amazed how people would stop to chat while we were in the construction stage- lots of great comments. Feel free to stop by and chat even if we're not out working. ( ;

I can't believe how tall the raspberries are this year! They are taller than me! (though that's not saying much) They are just beginning to ripen, and I can't wait to stuff my face! Raspberries on my cereal, on my ice cream, in cobbler, warm off the vine, any ol' way, just let me at 'em!! I just have to beat Farm boy to the patch...
Don't they just look so tasty? Farm boy started cleaning out the inside of the grainary, (mainly so he could store the shingles in it) so soon I will have a cute garden shed. The sunflowers and hollyhocks I planted are popping up well, too, I am excited to see them bloom.

Now, if there was just some grass, instead of weeds-soon! We have plans to rent a sod cutter and make a flower bed in front of the porch and on the south side of the yard, so the grass we remove will come over around the garden and shed. Good news for my poor bare feet! I am always pulling stickers out of them. A few last pictures of the house and my other flower bed! (oops the roof jacks are still up there!)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Extreme porch makover continues...

The roof is coming along,but the weather has not been very cooperative. Thanks for all your help Mother Nature! (not) These photos were taken June 27, As of today, there is only the section over the kitchen left to be shingled (at least for this year) I have not been very patient, I want to decorate the porch! It drives me crazy for it not to be finished, but Farmboy is slaving as quick as he can (go farmboy!)
I planted my baby buggy, and think it looks very cute this year! I am not sure how well it will do now that the porch gets even less sun, but we will see. I also found a fun metal art design to hang on the wall in the "sitting area". See, I can't wait!