Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All she wants to do...

I have really neglected this blog, it's more like a "blob"! It seems like my life has spiraled into a raging tornado. When summer arrives I go into "camping mode" all I wanna do is camp, camp, camp. (reminds me of some lyrics...) Unfortunately, I must work, weed, work, supervise the watering and mowing (j/k) work, (not kidding), do laundry, work,.... anyways the list goes on. Even though getting ready to camp takes effort, the end result is so worth it! At one of our camp outs, these little butterflies were soaking up the sun. There were hundreds of them, and when their wings were open, they looked like little blue flowers. (as soon as I would get close they would all take flight, so it was hard to get a pic) The creek was chattering nearby, the breeze was scented with pine, the foil dinners cooked in the campfire tasted heavenly, and the view from that great 4-wheeler trail was spectacular!
Another weekend we were joined by our son and his friend (also considered a son), and Farmboy's sis and her family. The boys got up early to fish, and all had their limit within a few moments. Later, we went for a ride, and saw dozens of deer and an entire herd of elk. We made dutch oven cherry chocolate cake, um, yum!, so delicious, and just enjoyed one another's company. I can't wait to go again! I am so enjoying our little trailer! Camping is elevated when you have a comfy bed and a shower. Oh, and lights, toilet, fridge, popsicles, warm water, screens, and did I mention showers, toilets, and a comfy bed? I love to camp! (especially in the trailer)

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go visit my Grandfather, and my kids were able to come also. My son brought his fiance to meet great-grandpa too. What a fun trip. We haven't all gone on a trip together since we moved to Cache Valley. (7 years ago. Really? has it been that long?...) It had been that long since my son had been to see his great-grandpa too. Grandpa lives in Reno, and will be 92 in August. We carved out some time to go to Lake Tahoe, and yes, the water is still cold. (in case you were wondering about the whole "global warming" thing.. not affecting the lake, yet!) Whenever I think about Lake Tahoe, I always think of the first time I saw Bear Lake. You drive through a beautiful canyon, with pine trees all
around, the scenery is beautiful, you come to the crest of the hill, and you can see the lake, and WHAM! all the trees disappear! I have always thought that Bear Lake was mis-spelled... it should be "Bare Lake", especially if you grew up going to Tahoe!! (If you have never seen Lake Tahoe, the pines are right to the beach, so you can imagine my shock at seeing a totally bare lake!) Don't get me wrong, Bear Lake is great, I was just really shocked the first time I saw it! Well, I have about rambled myself out, time for bed! (gotta rest up for more camping!!) TTFN!