Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All she wants to do...

I have really neglected this blog, it's more like a "blob"! It seems like my life has spiraled into a raging tornado. When summer arrives I go into "camping mode" all I wanna do is camp, camp, camp. (reminds me of some lyrics...) Unfortunately, I must work, weed, work, supervise the watering and mowing (j/k) work, (not kidding), do laundry, work,.... anyways the list goes on. Even though getting ready to camp takes effort, the end result is so worth it! At one of our camp outs, these little butterflies were soaking up the sun. There were hundreds of them, and when their wings were open, they looked like little blue flowers. (as soon as I would get close they would all take flight, so it was hard to get a pic) The creek was chattering nearby, the breeze was scented with pine, the foil dinners cooked in the campfire tasted heavenly, and the view from that great 4-wheeler trail was spectacular!
Another weekend we were joined by our son and his friend (also considered a son), and Farmboy's sis and her family. The boys got up early to fish, and all had their limit within a few moments. Later, we went for a ride, and saw dozens of deer and an entire herd of elk. We made dutch oven cherry chocolate cake, um, yum!, so delicious, and just enjoyed one another's company. I can't wait to go again! I am so enjoying our little trailer! Camping is elevated when you have a comfy bed and a shower. Oh, and lights, toilet, fridge, popsicles, warm water, screens, and did I mention showers, toilets, and a comfy bed? I love to camp! (especially in the trailer)

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go visit my Grandfather, and my kids were able to come also. My son brought his fiance to meet great-grandpa too. What a fun trip. We haven't all gone on a trip together since we moved to Cache Valley. (7 years ago. Really? has it been that long?...) It had been that long since my son had been to see his great-grandpa too. Grandpa lives in Reno, and will be 92 in August. We carved out some time to go to Lake Tahoe, and yes, the water is still cold. (in case you were wondering about the whole "global warming" thing.. not affecting the lake, yet!) Whenever I think about Lake Tahoe, I always think of the first time I saw Bear Lake. You drive through a beautiful canyon, with pine trees all
around, the scenery is beautiful, you come to the crest of the hill, and you can see the lake, and WHAM! all the trees disappear! I have always thought that Bear Lake was mis-spelled... it should be "Bare Lake", especially if you grew up going to Tahoe!! (If you have never seen Lake Tahoe, the pines are right to the beach, so you can imagine my shock at seeing a totally bare lake!) Don't get me wrong, Bear Lake is great, I was just really shocked the first time I saw it! Well, I have about rambled myself out, time for bed! (gotta rest up for more camping!!) TTFN!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Mother Nature is at it again!

Well Spring has sprung...a leak! Our weather is so amazing. We lost another tree in the other night's storm, We have actually whined spoken to the city about these trees because they are "mostly dead". The city claims that it is UDOT's problem, because they are on the highway side. This is what they looked like after the wind.
The branches came down right on the highway! Cars stopped every which way, and several people pulled the branches out of the road. Luckily nothing was damaged. An officer came by, and called for a front loader to come push them out of the road, and that is how they ended up on the lawn. I spoke to the city about removing the rest of the tree, and they said to call UDOT. Udot told me that the trees were planted by the city as part of the "City beautification project" (did they have those a hundred years ago?, just askin'???) and that anything behind the curb and gutter (what's that?) was the city's problem. I told him that the city already told me that they didn't own anything big enough to remove the tree, but basically I guess it's MY Problem! The city did come and pick up the branches this morning which I am grateful for. But I wonder what to do with a hulking "mostly dead" tree in my yard. Not very attractive yard art! I wonder if I were to hang something offensive all over it how long before the city removed it? Any Ideas??? suggestions for offensiveness?? (The mostly dead one is on the left).

I am just glad that farm boy finally got the rest of the tree that came down last summer cut down. It would have come right through the house during this last storm, it was leaning towards the house and that was the direction of the wind! What a blessing! The yard sure will be different this summer, Only 1 tree left to shade the back yard, and it doesn't do a very good job. I miss those big trees. Oh well, we planted a few new trees, so in 20 years we will have shade again.

My nest un-emptied. I no longer have an office and the "piled with junk" desk is back in the front room. Dang! But I love having my kids around, and will put up with the desk stuff in the meantime... It won't be too long before I have an office again, on the other hand, a guest room would be nice too! I guess the main thing about life is that it changes! Trees fall down, kids move in and out, neighbors and ward boundaries move here and there, change happens, whether we like it or not. Change keeps life interesting, that is for sure. Enjoy the changes in your world! TTFN!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Empty Nestin'

Well, all the birdies have flown the coop..

But that means when I'm not weeping at the emptiness, I have another room to re-decorate!

I have very much disliked having our desk in the living room. The only place for it was right as you walked in the front door, and since I am likely to pile the mail, ads, coupons, junk, stuff, things, you name it, on any empty, flat surface, (try not to look so shocked!) I was usually reluctant to answer the front door. Luckily, ( typed with sarcasm) most people come to the back door at our house, and so they get to be greeted by all the miscellaneous junk that gets piled up in my laundry room!! (back door guests are best?) so either way, my guest's are amazed by my piling skills! But not any more! I may have to put a sign on the back door to please use the front door, because the desk is gone! Hooray! I have big plans for the former desk area, involving an old window, but you'll just have to wait, cuz today it's all about the office.

For now, the desk is how I dream it should be, cleared of junk, waiting for me to peruse blogland, dream up ideas, and deal with necessary evils, like bills. Unfortunately, it will probably not look like this long, but all the bliss going on in here now may inspire me to change my ways. (one can dream, can't she?) The room has wonderful tall windows that let in lotsa light, and a windowseat for curling up on. It is still in progress, I am looking for a cushion for the windowseat, I priced a piece of foam, and decided I would rather spend hundreds of dollars on other things than foam. Anyone have any suggestions? The seat is 69" long and about 2 feet deep. I want to find some cute brown and blue fabric to cover it with also. The search is on! Wish me luck. I will post updates as they come along. Ta for now, gotta dream up more ideas....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tree-house bed?

We finally broke down and bought a new mattress. We last bought a mattress when Nalyn was born, she will be 20 this month..(note to self; next time, don't wait so long!!)

My question is , what is with the mattress makers these days? This mattress is 14 inches thick! How am I supposed to make the bed? Better yet, climb in? Since we went to a King, Farm boy had to make us a new frame and headboard. It is a work in progress (the man cave is coming along, but baby, it's cold outside) This frame will eventually have drawers underneath to store clothes, It also has little cubbies in the side of the headboard to store things.
I am loving it, but farm boy is going to have to make me a step-stool to get in! He jokingly refers to it as the tree-house bed. It is a good thing we didn't need a box spring! I would need an elevator! And please tell me where you get blankets and sheets that fit! so much for tucking them in. I hate it when the bottom of the bed comes untucked. curses! cold tootsies!