Friday, April 30, 2010

Mother Nature is at it again!

Well Spring has sprung...a leak! Our weather is so amazing. We lost another tree in the other night's storm, We have actually whined spoken to the city about these trees because they are "mostly dead". The city claims that it is UDOT's problem, because they are on the highway side. This is what they looked like after the wind.
The branches came down right on the highway! Cars stopped every which way, and several people pulled the branches out of the road. Luckily nothing was damaged. An officer came by, and called for a front loader to come push them out of the road, and that is how they ended up on the lawn. I spoke to the city about removing the rest of the tree, and they said to call UDOT. Udot told me that the trees were planted by the city as part of the "City beautification project" (did they have those a hundred years ago?, just askin'???) and that anything behind the curb and gutter (what's that?) was the city's problem. I told him that the city already told me that they didn't own anything big enough to remove the tree, but basically I guess it's MY Problem! The city did come and pick up the branches this morning which I am grateful for. But I wonder what to do with a hulking "mostly dead" tree in my yard. Not very attractive yard art! I wonder if I were to hang something offensive all over it how long before the city removed it? Any Ideas??? suggestions for offensiveness?? (The mostly dead one is on the left).

I am just glad that farm boy finally got the rest of the tree that came down last summer cut down. It would have come right through the house during this last storm, it was leaning towards the house and that was the direction of the wind! What a blessing! The yard sure will be different this summer, Only 1 tree left to shade the back yard, and it doesn't do a very good job. I miss those big trees. Oh well, we planted a few new trees, so in 20 years we will have shade again.

My nest un-emptied. I no longer have an office and the "piled with junk" desk is back in the front room. Dang! But I love having my kids around, and will put up with the desk stuff in the meantime... It won't be too long before I have an office again, on the other hand, a guest room would be nice too! I guess the main thing about life is that it changes! Trees fall down, kids move in and out, neighbors and ward boundaries move here and there, change happens, whether we like it or not. Change keeps life interesting, that is for sure. Enjoy the changes in your world! TTFN!