Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tree-house bed?

We finally broke down and bought a new mattress. We last bought a mattress when Nalyn was born, she will be 20 this month..(note to self; next time, don't wait so long!!)

My question is , what is with the mattress makers these days? This mattress is 14 inches thick! How am I supposed to make the bed? Better yet, climb in? Since we went to a King, Farm boy had to make us a new frame and headboard. It is a work in progress (the man cave is coming along, but baby, it's cold outside) This frame will eventually have drawers underneath to store clothes, It also has little cubbies in the side of the headboard to store things.
I am loving it, but farm boy is going to have to make me a step-stool to get in! He jokingly refers to it as the tree-house bed. It is a good thing we didn't need a box spring! I would need an elevator! And please tell me where you get blankets and sheets that fit! so much for tucking them in. I hate it when the bottom of the bed comes untucked. curses! cold tootsies!