Friday, September 11, 2009

I think I am wearing out. It seems that every great project, just creates huge messes that someone has to clean up! (scrunching eyes, crossing fingers and toes, hoping, wishing, for a magic wand or a good fairy who loves to clean!) I know, anything worth having is worth working for, but I am tired of messes. And projects. Yet, I want the house finished, so I guess it's time to rest up and then buck up and get busy.
Lately, I have had the urge to re-arrange. Organize. Get rid of junk. However, my creative juices seem to have gone into hibernation. I need someone to give me some ideas, heck, I just need a friend! I would love to change the computer/ desk area in the living room, but the ideas just aren't there. I want it to be uncluttered, and cute, but I have a tendency to pile things. A tendency to just set it here for now, and when I come back the pile has doubled. I also have a tendency to think I need to save everything. I KNOW I don't need that bill stub, that flyer, and I will forget to use those coupons, but I save them anyway. I do the same thing with craft items, fabric. beads. scrapbook paper. stamps. And let's don't even get started on books!
I was cleaning the basement tonight, and it made me feel sorry for chimney sweeps! When farmboy was doing the roof, and took out the crumbling chimney that had the furnace stack running up it, he didn't realize that taking apart the top part, was causing soot to fill the basement. There was a layer of black soot on everything down there. I looked like a street urcin by the time I was through, and it doesn't wash off easily, my skin is scrubbed raw! I want to get to the point that anything stored down there in the dungeon, is in a cupboard or a drawer, or an airtight container. (of course getting anything down the stairs is a risk to life and limb, so honestly, I would prefer to have nothing stored down there!)
Sorry about the gripe session, but I feel like I'm talking to someone who can relate, even if they don't answer back. Best wishes to you and your projects! (come on creativity, I know you're there!!!)