Monday, September 30, 2013


Wow! time has flown by since I last posted. Pinterest has totally sucked me in. My blog is neglected, but I do have lots of pins (grin). I have found lots of great fall decorating ideas, so I've incorporated several of them into a design for my front porch,- its kinda of a work in progress, I'm mulling several additional ideas, Since my flowers are still alive and well, I haven't removed the summer flowers yet, so the porch has some elements that will go once the frost hits (take your time frost, I am liking this warm fall.) I have been having fun using the old door from the barn as an element in my decor.
This past year has brought lots of changes. A new and improved camp trailer for one thing. We bought a 5th wheel trailer with a slide. It is amazing the difference a few square feet makes! I'm sad that summer is so short- I love to "rough it" in my new trailer.

We also have a new grand-daughter! So. much. fun!
Ophelia, or little O, is so precious! I just want to snuggle her all day long. Unfortunately, so does her mom, so I have to share (-: My sweet daughter is a mommy! It seems like just yesterday that she was teeny like this. My son and his wife announced they're expecting also, so I will get a new baby to snuggle in April. Joy! My friend and neighbor, Raecale snapped some darling pictures of O. And some darling family pics too. She is just so talented. (she even got the fur kids to smile!) like these? She would gladly snap some of your family. Well, I will see if I can find time to un-neglect my blog. Until then, happy trails!