Friday, March 19, 2010

Empty Nestin'

Well, all the birdies have flown the coop..

But that means when I'm not weeping at the emptiness, I have another room to re-decorate!

I have very much disliked having our desk in the living room. The only place for it was right as you walked in the front door, and since I am likely to pile the mail, ads, coupons, junk, stuff, things, you name it, on any empty, flat surface, (try not to look so shocked!) I was usually reluctant to answer the front door. Luckily, ( typed with sarcasm) most people come to the back door at our house, and so they get to be greeted by all the miscellaneous junk that gets piled up in my laundry room!! (back door guests are best?) so either way, my guest's are amazed by my piling skills! But not any more! I may have to put a sign on the back door to please use the front door, because the desk is gone! Hooray! I have big plans for the former desk area, involving an old window, but you'll just have to wait, cuz today it's all about the office.

For now, the desk is how I dream it should be, cleared of junk, waiting for me to peruse blogland, dream up ideas, and deal with necessary evils, like bills. Unfortunately, it will probably not look like this long, but all the bliss going on in here now may inspire me to change my ways. (one can dream, can't she?) The room has wonderful tall windows that let in lotsa light, and a windowseat for curling up on. It is still in progress, I am looking for a cushion for the windowseat, I priced a piece of foam, and decided I would rather spend hundreds of dollars on other things than foam. Anyone have any suggestions? The seat is 69" long and about 2 feet deep. I want to find some cute brown and blue fabric to cover it with also. The search is on! Wish me luck. I will post updates as they come along. Ta for now, gotta dream up more ideas....