Friday, January 6, 2012

Excuses for Blog neglect...

Wow! Was 2011 a busy year, or what? I committed severe blog neglect, I totally put a lot of my projects on hold, and just blocked it all out, and said "nah,nah,nah, I can't see you", to all my messes! BUT. I will do better this year. I hope. That said, The biggest thing this year that kept me sidetracked, was my son's wedding. (just a little sidetracked, ha, ha.)
It was such a fun, beautiful day. I love having another daughter! The setting was beautiful, the Photographer was awesome ( Thanks, Ashley Lowder) and of course, the bride was beautiful!

Some of the other things that kept me sidetracked, included our anniversary trip to Hawaii, planning and attending my parent's 50th wedding anniversary open house, and building a closet in the living room! (not in that order, just pretty much all at the same time ;D)

Our front room is a funny shape with an area of wasted space by the front door. I used to have the desk there, and complained regularly about everyone seeing the piled up desk mess when they came in. Since there were only 2 closets in the house when we started out, we decided another closet would be a welcome bonus! So here is what we did. (By "we" I mean farm boy doing the labor, and "me" helping. (ie: making suggestions, holding things, fetching tools, encouraging, nagging, cleaning up etc)

First, we pulled up the laminate flooring, and then farm boy moved the ceiling fixture over, (see the hole in the ceiling?) then framed up the walls of the closet. The heat vent was re-routed, and electrical and cable connections were put in.
Then the walls were sheet-rocked, shelves and hanging rods installed, the laminate laid back down, the box for the TV connections put in, and then it was painted inside and out. The baseboards and trim were replaced, and the door hung
Now, wallah! a closet, and space to mount the TV to the wall!
Farm boy wanted to add some color, so he chose a red to add to the accent wall. I really didn't like the color, so I deepened the color with some black glaze. Now the color looks great.
(The wires hanging from the TV were a temporary thing, Farm boy hadn't quite finished all the connections when I snapped the picture) I love the closet! it is really huge. And, an added bonus, that area was always freezing cold, so the closet helps insulate the front room. Of course, you could store food in the closet in the winter, and it would keep it perfectly fresh! Just kidding about the food, but I sometimes put my coat on the heat vent before I put it on!
Farm boy does such a great job with my honey do projects! I wish I could have the unlimited funds to go along with my list! My next project is to remodel the (yes the only) bathroom. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until we can afford to get it all completed at once, since one. bathroom. is. all. there. is.... at least we can use the trailer bathroom while we remodel the bath!