Saturday, February 14, 2009

Families are wonderful!

Aren't families wonderful? My daughter Nalyn recently bought a new (used) car. The car came out of Vegas and had very dark window tint on all the windows, which of course is illegal in Utah.(???) So I called my baby brother to ask him about getting the tint removed, and also about getting it inspected, and he said "bring it down, I will take off the tint, and do the inspection, and She will be good to go." So we drove down to Salt Lake. LaMar, (baby bro) took a time out of his day to work on her car. It took a couple of hours with all three of us working on it to get the windows cleaned off. Oh, and it wasn't just the side windows, the windshield had the tint too and was too dark, so it had to come off also. Peeling the film off was fairly easy, but scraping off the glue snot was difficult. And gross. Just like snot.
Nalyn really didn't want the film off, she thought it really looked cool, but her friend said "how are the guys going to see us hot girls driving around if the windows are so dark?" So I guess it was ok. When she pulled into the stall, at LaMar's work, within moments there were about 5 guys surrounding her car, asking her all kinds of questions about it. It was really hilarious. LaMar wanted to know if they came for the car or the girl, One of the guys said “I came to see the car, But I'll hang around for the girl.” LaMar told him to go find something to do. Now I'm worried that she bought a jerk magnet. (not that boys who work washing cars at a dealership are jerks, but when they are still doing that 4 years after high school well... you gotta wonder) While we were scraping glue snot off, I mentioned to LaMar that she needed her oil changed, and he said "Oh, I think I have a filter for her car in my box, I'll do it. What a guy !! I love him! (really Nalyn is just his favorite teen niece, she has him wrapped around her finger) LaMar is our go-to guy for anything auto related- even my father-in-law relies on him! Oh, and if your Hummer needs any TLC, he's your guy!
While they were finishing up the oil and inspection, My mom came and got me and took me to Tai-Pan. I LOVE Tai-Pan. I wanted to go to Rod Works, Gardner Village, The Handmaiden, and all of my other favorites, but by this time it was 8:00pm and everything was closed. Sadness!! Not even enough shopping therapy! I have a good excuse to go back, anyone up for shopping?
Last week we took a little trip to visit Jim’s aunts. His mom and dad came with us. We drove first to Mesquite and visited Aunt Lucy. It was so nice to sit outside in the sun, and not freeze. The next morning we drove to Phoenix to visit Aunt Colleen. Oh, can I just say I would love to be a snowbird? I could totally live in Arizona from Dec 27th to May 1st. She had grapefruit, oranges, lemons, and tangelos just dripping off the trees, and a pool! in her yard! no snow!!! 70 degree sunshine just pouring down ahh.... I so wanted to just stay. I despise being cold. On the way down we stopped at Hoover Dam. It is so scary looking over the edge. They are building a freeway that will have a span that crosses above the gorge, see the road going to nowhere? Watch out, It is a looong way down!!

On the way home we stopped at the Glen Canyon dam. All in all, it was a dam good trip! ( Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

In honor of Valentines day, 14 things I love about my Family (all of them)

1. They love you. Even though they know you.
2. If you need anything- they’re there!
3. You can blubber all over their shoulder.
4. They will pretty much drop anything they are doing, and jump when you ask!
5. They support you, even when they think you are making a mistake.
6. They give great hugs!
7. They will ride in the backseat for hours!
8. They will invite you to share their sunshine and grapefruit!
9. They will take you out to dinner.
10. They will change your oil, fix, your brakes, and kiss your boo-boos.
11. They will get you airfare discounts to see fun places!
12. They will go camping with you (well, most of them)
13. They will take care of your sick kids.
14. They remember Birthdays and holidays.

Families are great! Have a great Valentines Day!!

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