Wednesday, April 1, 2009

nothing to say..

Sorry I haven't posted lately, I just haven't had anything important to say. I am sure no one wants to hear about my daily to do list! Besides, then someone might hold me accountable to actually accomplish the tasks I've laid out in my blog!
I did have some random thoughts about the wax melter scent thingies. I love for my home to smell good, especially since it is 100 years old, but invariably, the wax gets dripped, spilled, poked in, spattered, or just generally messed with somehow! Curses! My daughter got one that is also a light, my dollar conscious husband noticed it was on, picked it up to find the way to turn it off, and spilled the wax all over the room! Guess who had to clean it up- not him! give me a plug-in any day! I also hate that the scent only lasts a few days, versus 30 or so on the plug-ins anyway, that's my peeve.
I am also fed up with snow! all who are ready for spring raise your hand! The nasty weather has got me in an organizing mood, Ive been trying to de-clutter, get rid of things I no longer use, and just generally clean it up. The going is slow, but someday I may actually finish. Well, I'm off to clean and organize, oops!, I mean, stalk more blogs!

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