Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Garden wants and wishes

It seems that Spring may be near. It hasn't snowed for a day or two, and the trees are budding. My daffodils are blooming, and we planted two cherry trees and an apple tree yesterday. My favorite season is summer, but I do enjoy spring-I just prefer warm springs.. I have grand plans for our yard, but dear hubby isn't gung ho on my plans. He says that he has to mow, water, weed, dig, barrow, trim, weed, whack, fertilize, thin, weed, etc and all I do is come up with more work for him. I can't imagine why that's a problem?? I spend time in the yard too! (just cuz I am in the hammock....)I do have a yard wish, I want this sculpture in my garden
This is called "Hush". I love the work of this artist, His name is Ed Hlavka. He lives in southern Utah. I met him when I worked at Baer Bronze. He is a great guy, and a fantastic sculptor! His sculptures of children are so life like. This little girl fell asleep reading her fairy book, there is a little fairy in the leaves with her fingers up to her lips, saying shhh. so cute! Ah well someday, when my lottery ticket wins! That's why we have wishes! But my yard plans, lets see, an arbor for the grapes to grow over, a fence, a "secret" garden, a pond, more trees, some roses, more flower beds, a swimming pool (just a lap pool!)...........
I guess I can see why hubby isn't so gung ho!

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natalie said...

I keep wishing for a gorgeouse yard too. my hubby does not even want to mow, so at least jim does that. mom said they made a dent in the hay, but just a small one. sorry we could'nt come help