Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all

I was sitting at the computer, doing my usual "stalking" of blogs, and saw a cute idea. A blog I like was having a "vignette weekend" The idea being you take pics of your cute displays and link them to that blog. Well, I don't know how to link, but I thought I would take some pics of some of my favorite fall displays around the house! The top one is beside my front door, it still needs a little tweaking...Enjoy!I thought it would be cute to make a witchy display, her dish is full of frogs, the jar with the crow on it has eyeball gum and skeleton hands, and the other jars are full of "potions." My aunt made the cute witch for me when I was in High School- (it's almost an antique). Scary!

This is my "chicken" chandelier all decked out for fall. White pumpkins instead of chickens. I have been trying to come up with something to put there for Christmas, any ideas???

This is the windowsill behind my kitchen sink, it looks into the laundry room (whatta view!) so ignore the stuff in the background. I do like these baby white pumpkins, too cute!

This picture is kinda dark, sorry. (When I had the light on in the display shelf then the flash wouldn't work) I love cloches and cute jars. The balls under the cloche are freeze-dried fall leaves glued to a styrofoam ball, very easy project and very cute!

What vignettes do you have for fall?


Susan said...

Cute house Vikki, you are such a talented "Twisted Sister"!

Susan said...

Hey it let me post!