Monday, October 5, 2009

Man Caves and other dreams..

When we bought this suburban farm, we had grand plans of making the outbuildings into "useful" buildings. Of course, I wanted the house done first, and those out buildings have been put on the back burner. Early this spring, my parents and nephews helped me get a ton of old hay out of the barn. Literally a ton! Or possibly two! We filled this huge dumpster to the top. using pitchforks. With loose. As in not baled. Dusty. 100 year old hay. Whew! The reason for the hay removal project was to surprise Farmboy, so that he could use that section of barn for a work shop (aka "man cave"). As you know, if you've read much of my blog, farmboy does lots of projects, but never seems to get to any of the he- man type projects (well maybe a little hunting), But. He finally got started on his man cave! This is the framing for the floor, those big beams underneath are the ceiling supports for an old root cellar (why was there a root cellar in the barn? We have no clue! Maybe it's one of those don't ask, don't tell kinda things, a hidden whiskey cellar, or maybe to hide an extra wife or two?) He has the floor in, some walls up, and a stairway to the loft, and has started on some workbenches. He has grand plans, and it will be a great work space when it is done. For all of our many projects, he has had to drag his tools out to the driveway,and build everything there, and then drag all the tools back to the shed. but now, when we need to build something, (and we always need to build something) he will have a great workspace! The honey-do list is growing..I have some grand plans myself! (just don't be puttin' in your orders yet, MY list is first!!!)

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Vickie & Cory said...

Good for Jim! Hes so talented and thats great he will have his own space!