Saturday, May 2, 2009

What the rain interrupted...

No, not footings for a new house, or a swimming pool, but one of my yard wishes ..flower boxes and a trellis! The boxes will "define" the area for the garden, keeping the zucchini contained (ha, ha, is zucchini a perennial?) and keeping the grass on the other side of the barrier, (dream) and still allowing "farmboy" to run the tiller through.The trellis will be between the two boxes creating an entry. I've decided that "farmboy" is an appropriate nickname for Jim, because when I say "honey, those boxes should be 5 feet apart not 4, " he says "as you wish" and digs a new trench..after it was already square and level and 4 feet apart! What a guy!
You can't really tell, but there is a small cement pad just in front of the shed, and when I suggested we should build another trellis over the pad,and put a bench beneath it, he said "as you wish." Well, not exactly those words, but something to that effect.
But, the rain started pouring down, and the project is on hold. Farmboy is asleep on the couch, and I am planning the next project....
(PS.Watch "the Princess Bride" if you don't get the farmboy reference)

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Sophia C. said...

Got the "Farmboy" totally. Love it! What a blessing to have great husbands!

Love, S~